Updated Grade 9 assessment schedule

Due to the cancelling of school today (Wednesday) our mid-term assessment schedule will move one day forward. What this means is all assessments for today will now be scheduled for Thursday and all assessments that were scheduled for Thursday will now be on Friday. Updated Grade 9 assessment schedule:

Thursday January 26th – AM – Language Arts
Thursday January 26th – PM – Science
Friday January 27th – AM – Math
Friday January 27th – PM – Social Studies

If a student is absent from school on Thursday or Friday, when they arrive back to school, they would write the assessments on their return. An example, if you are absent on Friday, when you return on Monday, you would write the assessments that you missed. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. K.J. White at 368-6970 or e-mail kjwhite@edu.pe.ca


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