Grade 9 Ottawa/Quebec City Fundraiser- Winning Tickets

Congratulations to the winning ticket holders! Thank you to all who bought tickets and supported our Grade 9 students in their fundraising efforts!

Winner of 1st Prize- 2 Three Day General Admission passes to Cavendish Beach Music Festival (courtesy of CBMF)- Devries Boutilier

Winner of 2nd Prize- 2 Tickets to Nova Scotia International Tattoo Festival with Target Tours (courtesy of Target Tours)- Beth Munro

Winner of 3rd Prize- 20 Adult Flex Tickets to Charlottetown Islander games (courtesy of Stratford PetroCan)- Gerry Young

Winner of 4th Prize- Beautiful Gift Basket- Yvonne MacAulay

Parent Presentation on Dec. 18-Teen Realities, Navigating Healthy Choices

Tim Keizer and Dale Johnston will be speaking to interested Queen Charlotte parents on the topic: Teen Realities, Navigating Healthy Choices on December 18, from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the school library. Constables Keizer and Johnston will be discussing issues such as ‘Pics for Pics’ that were discussed with students earlier this year. Parents are invited to drop their children at the dance and join others for this valuable information session.


Band rehearsals have concluded for 2014. they will resume Monday, Jan. 5, 2015

QC clothing price list

If  you are interested in ordering QC clothing, please see link below.


Queen Charlotte Coyotes clothing images


Due to the storm day on Nov 27, yearbook orders will be taken Tuesday, Dec 2 at lunch outside of the cafeteria. The online store will close as of December 7, so be sure to get your orders placed immediately. Cost is $28, and students will only get a book if they pre-order one.
The website for ordering the yearbook is


Our next meeting is Wednesday, November 26 at 7:00 P.M. in the school library. Please forward any agenda items to Allie Keedwell at ajkeedwell. Tammy Hubley-Little will share information about the ELSB Progress Monitoring Program that our grade seven students and teachers are participating in.


Yearbook orders will be taken on Wed Nov 19, and Thurs Nov 20 in school outside of the cafeteria.  Cost is $28.00.  We only bring in the number of yearbooks which are preordered, so students need to reserve their copy now.  After this time, students need to find Mr. Taggart directly.  Yearbooks can be ordered online at the following link:
If anybody would like to sponsor a page (cost is $50), please contact Mr. Taggart at

New page added – school “calendar”

We have recently created a school calendar, it can be found in our pages section called “calendar”.  We will post school events and important dates on this calendar.

Grad photos

Grade nine grad photos will be taking place on Wednesday and will continue on Thursday. Boys may wish to wear a dress shirt and tie from home. If not, the photographer will provide dress shirts and ties here. It is suggested that girls wear a V-neck shirt, or any shirt that will not be visible above the neckline of the grad gown. Student assistants will begin taking classes down to the cafeteria during first period on Wednesday.

Email issue

We have recently become aware that some of our teachers and administration staff are not receiving all e-mails from parents and students. We apologize if we have not responded to a message for this reason. We are working with our technicians to resolve the issue.


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